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How I trained for the Boston Marathon 2016

2016 was my 4th Boston Marathon.  My first in 2013 lived up to all the hype and, I think, was still the best race I have run.  My time in 2013 was 3:19:55, with a negative split (very hard to … Continue reading

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Boston 2015

The Boston Marathon has become my main race for the year.  Prior to running this race in 2013, my plan was to run it one time, check off the bucket list of running Boston and find the next race.  Well … Continue reading

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When all the planets align for your race!

How do you find the perfect race?  That Unicorn, or as I like to say, when the all the planets align. This last weekend was a great example when the planets did not align in Fort Worth, Cowtown.  This is … Continue reading

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OK, did I get your attention with the title?  Here is a good workout if you need a change from the normal.  I call it my E-Fart workout.  Effort Fartlek, (yes pun intended, who names a workout fartlek and can’t … Continue reading

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Marathon Carbohydrate Loading

Ok, so you have a Marathon coming up.  You have trained for the past 14-18 weeks, put in the long runs, and now it is time to race. Everyone knows to “carbo-load” right?  So the night before a race you’re … Continue reading

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