Rules to run by

Ok, so you’re a runner. Maybe you are just starting out, or maybe you’re an experienced marathoner. As I was running today, I was trying to come up with a good post for today. As I was running up hill I had to adjust my pace. Then as I turned the corner I had to navigate around a car with the door open. At the next intersection a car was waiting to turn, so I altered my path and went around him. Then a light bulb came on and I had my next blog post. Running is a risky sport; every step we take is one closer to a pot hole, stick or a car wanting to turn. So how do we ensure we can finish our run safely and injury free? Well we run with a set of rules. Here are my rules, if you have any to add, please post your ideas so we can all have a safe run.

1)      Run during the day

2)      If you have to run at night, wear lights, reflective vest.  Refer to rule one if you don’t.

3)      Run on a running path if possible and not in the street.

4)      Run on the sidewalk facing traffic if you have to run in the street.

5)      Get eye contact of drivers in cars at intersection.  Wave at them, did they wave back? If not Assume they don’t see you, go behind the car if you’re not 100% sure they see you.

6)      Wear good shoes.  After 500 miles of running in them, it’s time for some new shoes.

7)      Run your pace on that day.  Most runners over train and run to fast trying to hit a magic number that really does not mean much.  Training at effort is much more important than a made up number.  Use a heart rate monitor to determine effort.

8)      Stay hydrated – Running on hot sunny days, re-hydrate with sports drinks.  Not only water is lost but electrolytes like sodium, potassium that can cause leg cramps.  So water is good, but too much water can cause problems like Hyponatremia. Monitor your urine, light yellow is good, clear you’re drinking too much water, dark yellow you are not drinking enough.

9)      Train to race, don’t race to train.  That is if your training for a race, don’t try to race every day and burn out.  Too fast and too much running will for sure lead to an injury and no running.


About Coach Bill

I am a 48 year old runner. Three years ago I ran my first half marathon and have not looked back since. I am married, have two grown son's. I work at Toyota motor manufacturing Texas building Tundra's and Tacoma's as a skilled team leader in the press department.
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2 Responses to Rules to run by

  1. domsrunning says:

    yup, all sensible tips right there. I’d also advise keeping music levels low if running with some kind of mp3/ipod. there’s been a move to ban all earphone music in marathons in the UK, simply because people marshalling the course weren’t able to attract runners attention for whatever reason. it’s a good tip as you can hear cars approaching around the bend.

    • Coach Bill says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Your absolutely correct about the music. We have had some talk here in Texas at some of the races too, but the feedback from the runners put that to rest for now. I know they ban music in triathlons for the same reason you mentioned. I have at times ran with only one ear bud so I could hear and enjoy my music. Thanks again for contributing to a safe run. Happy trails 😉

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