Take it easy

It’s easy to run too much, too soon, especially when spring hits. Remember, the body adapts slowly to the new work load, so run every other day or alternate hard and easy days.  Don’t increase total mileage by more than 10% per week. Run smart, run injury free.

Running easy is not a magical pace that we have to hit.  Our pace should always be based on effort level.  There are many goals of an easy run. 1) Recover from a hard run. 2) Put the miles in, time on your feet. 3) build aerobic enzymes.

Running “easy” on a day we feel great, got a good night sleep, just had a day of rest from running could be 7:30 min/miles pace.  Then on the next run we go on at easy pace, we didn’t sleep enough, had a tough day at work, and really don’t feel like running today, well that day’s “easy” might be 8:20 min/mile pace.

So listen to your body and take it EASY!


About Coach Bill

I am a 48 year old runner. Three years ago I ran my first half marathon and have not looked back since. I am married, have two grown son's. I work at Toyota motor manufacturing Texas building Tundra's and Tacoma's as a skilled team leader in the press department.
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